Meet the wonder woman who keeps TEMPO running like a finely tuned machine!  She is my right hand, and at times my left.  Claire takes care of the whole studio, it’s organization, my clients and just about everything going on, she will know about.  Feel free to ask her anything, if she doesn’t know, she will find out for you.  She is a Bookkeeper and takes care of all the invoices and any questions you may have with your accounts.

Claire is also my amazing assistant for every newborn shoot.  We NEVER shoot newborns without a pair of trained hands keeping your child safe.  She is so good with them!

She is mom to 2 beautiful daughters, both of whom recently graduated University.   Let me tell you, there’s a LOT of smarts in this family!

If you hear that beautiful British accent answering the phone when you call, that’s our Claire!