Renata Templeton-Caughlin

Renata Templeton-Caughlin


Creating ART is a deeply ingrained passion in my family, passed down through many generations of Templeton’s.   Some were artists of the Written Word, some of Fine Art, Graphic Arts, Photographic Arts and even Musical Arts; some did them all.  There’s no doubt the artistic gene is in the blood.

As you can imagine, becoming an artist is a difficult career choice to make when you are young and need an income, so I decided maybe Accounting was the road for me.  After 20 years of creative office work, artistic A/R and a quick jaunt in the exciting world of employee benefits, I was feeling about as artistic as a caterpillar.

I realized that my personal passion for photography couldn’t be ignored any longer, no matter the risk.   I made the bold decision to follow my passion and live my dream.

TEMPO Photography was officially born!  It started out as Templeton Portrait Photography, but I found it too long to keep typing out and I quickly shortened it.  Only AFTER I registered the name did I mention it to my mom, who told me that TEMPO had been the name of my late fathers company as well.  It was meant to be.

It all started in my spare bedroom, and after 5 years of slowly building my clientele through hard work, a focus on customer service and lot of passion for my art, I officially opened the doors to my Collingwood studio.   We are now celebrating our 13th anniversary!

My focus on learning and growth has never stopped. I believe that my clients deserve the very best, and I constantly strive to bring more and more value to them.   Even after graduating from the Humber College Photography Program, I spend every extra second I have mastering my craft through courses, workshops, and webinars.  I am one course from my Masters of Photographic Arts.  I seek the respect of my peers, and have multiple Accreditation’s with the Professional Photographers of Canada; not because I need to, but because it challenges me every day to do better, to bring more to my customers and to drive my passion to achieve new levels.

“You are someone that I love, and I want to capture you for all time.”   Sue Bryce

I realized that this quote explains exactly why I need to take photos for a living.  You will never be more you, more beautiful, more perfect and more alive than you are right now – embrace it!  Capture it for yourself, for those you love, and for those that love you.   I WANT to do that for you, and I promise to put everything I am into creating those images for you.   I hope you will trust me to capture the beauty that is your life right now.

“I used to be a caterpillar, but now I am a butterfly.  I spread beauty in the world, for a living!
I get to live my passion every day, and I have an abundance of gratitude for that. “