Looking Back at 2014 and Forward to 2015 at TEMPO Photography

As 2015 begins, I am filled with excitement for what is to come.  Before I look forward, let’s look back at all those amazing moments at TEMPO Photography that made 2014 so wonderful!

The year started with a full TEMPO makeover… we completely re-branded and launched a new website.  We closed down the old studio in May for a couple weeks while the floors were re-done and while closed, I stumbled upon a jewel of a new location.  It wasn’t in the plans, or the budget, but I was so in love with this location, I had to give it a go.

In July we took possession and closed down for another 5 weeks to make the renovations and the move.  It wasn’t an easy move, I was so sick with vertigo, and immediately after moving in my mom announced she had cancer.   Now I had to not only re-start my business in a new location & do all the reno’s, but worry about and help my mom too!  I put the studio on the back burner a bit and took care of my family.  After a surgery, recovery, and a few outright miracles, my mom got well and the studio re-opened.

We shot 132 “sessions” in 2014.. over 210 people in front of my camera.  Wow!  That’s incredible.  Despite using up the business savings on moving costs, we had our best year ever.  Some customers came back multiple times, and that’s what we are all about!  We become friends and a family to one another.  When you share in the joys, the milestones, the battles and the losses with your clients, you can’t help but bond.  When you lose them, it hurts.  We lost a couple this year, and it leaves a hole, but we know that the images we created will last a lifetime.

Please take a few moments and have a look back with us… look back at the moments, the joy, the memories we were a part of.  These faces are WHY I am a photographer, they ARE my business, and I wouldn’t have one without them.

Looking forward to 2015, we have some more changes in store.  Our goal is to make the studio a little less “cookie cutter” and a little more art inspired.

We have some incredible new products we will be introducing, and they all lend themselves well to the artistic direction of the Studio.  You will be seeing GORGEOUS Italian handmade books and albums by Graphi Studios.  They are spectacular!  Our samples should be in soon!  Our custom framed, torn watercolour art prints are incredible!  They are painted, torn, matted and assembled by me in studio. and I promise you will love them!

In 2015 we introduce tiered pricing, which will accommodate most budgets.  From prints only, print and digital combined or digital only packages; there is something for everybody.

I have 4 Studio resolutions for 2015:

1) To get more PARENTS in the images with their kids.  So many parents bow out because they don’t feel perfect or skinny or worthy.  Your kids NEED to have you in those images.  The images you are paying us to take are not for the parents, they are for the kids to look back on one day… they will want to see their parents in there with them.

2) To photograph more newborns.  I adore newborns, and they are the one genre of our studio that we backed away from for a while.  I want to get back to it.

3) To photograph more women.  Modern Women’s Portraiture is an amazing genre, and I want to make women of all ages feel their best and most beautiful.  Not just beautiful models, or just women not just in their 20’s and 30’s, but more mature women in their 40’s, 50’s and their golden years… they ALL deserve to feel beautiful.  We spend the majority of our lives caring for everyone else, spending on everyone else and we deserve to look and feel beautiful just as we are!  We ARE good enough, and we ARE worthy.  I want to get everyday ordinary women of all ages and shapes and sizes in front of my lens and show you yourself the way others see you.  It’s a main priority of mine to make every woman feel beautiful.

4)  To shoot more for the art, more for me and more for print competitions.  I want to create amazing art portraits that are original and artistic, and just they way I envision it in my head.

I sincerely hope that you will trust me and TEMPO Photography, to capture the moments that matter to you.  To share with you our vision of you and your family, and to treat you to the best customer service, the amazing experience and the very best products on the photography market today  We’d like to give you a lifetime of memories.  It would be our honour!


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